Ylivieska sub-region

Ylivieska sub-region is situated in Northern Ostrobothnia and it consists of six vital municipalities. The main task of the sub-region association is to enhance cooperation between municipalities together with its member municipalities. The sub-region improves circumstances for business activities and employment in the region through its projects, and promotes accessibility and visibility of the region as well. In addition, the sub-regional projects enhance the cooperation between actors.

Ylivieska sub-region

Sub-region facts


Ylivieska sub-region is located by Bothnian bay 130 km south from Oulu. The region has good traffic connections to all directions:

Railway connections: Both Ylivieska and Oulainen are situated by the Finnish main railway. The railway station in Ylivieska is one of the national stops for Pendolino trains. In addition, Ylivieska-Iisalmi railway leads to the east.

Highway connections: Highways 8, 27 and 28 as well as main roads 86 and 63.

Air traffic: The nearest airports are located in Oulunsalo (Oulu) and in Kruunupyy (Kokkola), in approximately 100 km distance.Maritime transport: Rahja cargo port in Kalajoki

There are approximately 44 235 inhabitants in Ylivieska region (Population Register Centre in Finland, 2015). Just over one third of them are under 25 years old.

Means of livelihood
Ylivieska sub-region can be described as industrialized countryside: Industry sector covers about one fifth of all the jobs in the region. The most important employers in the service sector are health care and social services. The are also a lot of employees in agriculture and wholesale and retail trade.

All the municipalities in the region offer good and versatile services. The municipalities cooperate with each other e.g. in the sectors of basic heath care, waste management, rescue services, legal aid, consumer and debt counselling services, library services, water supply and education. Ylivieska is a regional centre of trade and it attracts customers from near and far. Web pages for the youth: Settinetti.fi

See the pages of the educational institutions of the region.

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