Business development services in Ylivieska sub-region

The business development services in Ylivieska sub-region with business consultancy and various development services are carried out by a common network of the actors. They all are committed to an agreement according to which the services will meet the national requirements.

Business development services offer:
- advice for business establishment
- evaluation of business ideas or
- evaluation of measurements needed for development project
- consultancy for starting and developing business and
- guidance to special advisors

The network of business development actors:

Business Service Center of Kalajoki, Ylivieska Technology Park YTEK, Business Service Center of Oulainen, Sievi Industry Park, Municipalities of Alavieska and MerijärviThe Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Northern Ostrobotnia, TE Office in Northern Ostrobotnia and Ylivieska sub-region. Business Service Center of Kalajoki is also responsible for business development services in Alavieska and Merijärvi.

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